August 2, 2008


Yves Saint Laurent once said fashion isn't art but needs art to exist. Rochas and Missoni needed a little Monet and the results were breathtaking.

Source:, google images, fabsugar


Times of Glory said...

The editorials have that deep, dark and dreamy beauty! I love the tones of the picture... The photos are like pictures - superb xxxxxxx

lilliebe said...

ughh I love Gemma Ward so much. I like the painting references.

Bostonista said...

that editorial is so amazing and dreamy. I've always thought that Monet had the best perspective on life and beauty so it's really inspiring to see an editorial based on it.

Bostonista said...

IS the Prada fairy bag in your icon in your possession? I am jealous.

Blonde hair, Blue jeans said...

really nice post!
the pictures are very ilustrative about the Monet inspiratioN! =)