September 11, 2008

You can only wear so much black and white

Some random pictures of dresses that caught my attention enough for me to decide to save them on my laptop. I think it was the colours. I can't say no to colour.

Erdem fall 08, Kylie Minogue in YSL ss 08, Rosie Hungtington-Whiteley photographed by Kai Zi Feng, Michelle Monaghan in I-don't-know-but-it's-gorgeous, Lula magazine

September 10, 2008

Best look from NY Spring 09

New York fashion week can't compare to Paris or Milan, we all know that. Even Marc Jacob's takes some getting used to. I am however, LOVING The Sart's photos of the extremely creative fashion-goers. The weather in New York looks perfect for hanging onto the last of your Summer wardrobe, or maybe introducing ideas for next Spring, i.e., jumpsuits!

August 2, 2008


Yves Saint Laurent once said fashion isn't art but needs art to exist. Rochas and Missoni needed a little Monet and the results were breathtaking.

Source:, google images, fabsugar

July 31, 2008

Running with Scissors

This is that very cult-ish looking long floral dress I showed you before. I still haven't worn it out and I'm afraid I never will because in my attempt to shorten it, (it came down to my ankles originally) I lopped off a bit too much and I didn't even cut straight. But still much more wearable than before.

July 26, 2008

Broke but Happy

It seems like nowdays whenever I go shopping I ALWAYS come back with more clothes. I tried on this very very white dress yesterday...

I didn't want to get it because it made me look about 3 years old, but my friends said I looked Amish. And then I saw this floral top. I bought it, but got rid of the blue ribbon thing and am going to wear it as a dress, but its too short, so I'll wear tights underneath and a long cardigan over.

So now that is the last floral thing I'm going to buy... and I'll move on to another trend. not sure which one though, any suggestions? btw, I got the top from Valley Girl, its this cheap Australian shop that we used to buy clothes from when we were about 14, but my friends still shop there now, although no one likes to admit it.

July 25, 2008

Orient Express

Allessandro Dell'Acqua, Prada, Prada Resort, Balenciaga, 6267, Prada (

Remember when silky kimono tops were really in? Aaaages ago. I noticed a teeny tiny little trend going on from the Spring shows, with Chinese collars. High necks, button details and puffy cap sleeves. I think it will still be a while before Asian is in again.

Why do models have such long names?

source: Rosie HW's tfs page, red carpet fashion awards

So by now everyone knows this is the girl who made Aggyness very angry by taking her nice old Burberry contract, but he fashion sense isn't bad either. Rosie Hungtington-Whiteley'a not edgy like Freja or anyone, but I like the way she wears her full length dresses.