July 26, 2008

Broke but Happy

It seems like nowdays whenever I go shopping I ALWAYS come back with more clothes. I tried on this very very white dress yesterday...

I didn't want to get it because it made me look about 3 years old, but my friends said I looked Amish. And then I saw this floral top. I bought it, but got rid of the blue ribbon thing and am going to wear it as a dress, but its too short, so I'll wear tights underneath and a long cardigan over.

So now that is the last floral thing I'm going to buy... and I'll move on to another trend. not sure which one though, any suggestions? btw, I got the top from Valley Girl, its this cheap Australian shop that we used to buy clothes from when we were about 14, but my friends still shop there now, although no one likes to admit it.

1 comment:

Times of Glory said...

The floral top is too hard to resist! It looks seriously sweet and chic!