July 6, 2008

Fashion Starved Times

For the past few months I've been competing in a Deviant Art fashion illustration competition a la Project Runway. Very very addictive. But now its down to the final round, I've run out of ideas and motivation.

So please HELP ME! I need ideas for a 9 piece collection that has a theme and is also detail oriented and doesn't stray too far into minimalism nor ridiculous extravagance. phew.

Here are some of the ones I've dont so far that are ok, I dont think I would wear most of the outfits, but they were the first things that popped into my mind for the various themes.

For the second challenge we had to do a minimalist collection. I said my theme was 'menswear' but I think all I did was think of all the outfits the Olsen twins would wear.... and rip off Miu Miu ss/08 in the middle outfit.

If you want to see some of the submissions and how I nearly got kicked out for drawing a pretty tacky dress, click here

my deviantArt user name is Theyskens. Yes, chosen at the height of my Rochas obsession. I hope he doesn't sue me for that. www.theyskens.deviantart.com

please dont use my drawings without crediting! thanks!


Wendy said...

In Sims 2, I like to make families where people die in accidents and people cheat. I hate having like 15 normal sims families, so boring.

As for ideas, denim?

CoutureCarrie said...

That long turquoise gown on the top left is heavenly!