July 17, 2008

Designers for Target

I don't know what I'd do if Target Australia didn't have designer collaborations, since we don't have anything like Topshop, Zara or H&M. The latest collection is Collette Dinnigan's lingerie line. I'm not exactly a fan of her overly feminine designs and wouldn't drool over any of her evening gowns, so a friend and I both thought the collection was a bit too stale and lacy, with weird colours like dark brown. But when I was in Target today the lingerie was advertised as half price, so I couldn't resist! I ended up buying three bras, the one in the picture below looks a lot better in real life.
“The collection features some of my signature lace, embroidery and silk printed fabrics which have been intricately designed to make women feel they can experience the exclusiveness of one of my garments”
- Collette Dinnigan.
Hmmm, don't really agree with this as I couldn't compare a nice bra to a $10,000 evening gown...
Next up is Zac Posen. Now this was a collection that really DID NOT improve after looking at the dresses and trying them on. I really do like Zac Posen, he always brings some drama to New York Fashion Week, and the Target dresses were similar to some older runway looks, but they did not fit me at all!
I tried on the black and my friend wore the crazy hot pink one. The dress had alot of folds and ruffles, but it kind of drowned our bodies, and there was this long sash thing which we tied around our waists, but apparently it should be thrown over the shoulder *shudder*.

The main problem was that the shoulders were extremely high, and the bust huge even in the smallest size... even makes the models bust bigger. This is not nessecarily a good thing.

It looks way better worn as a top, I think!

The other dress I tried on. This was even more annoying because the backless back was too large and couldnt fit around my back, and then the zip got stuck. My friend and I couldn't decide if the beaded stones were tacky or cool in a sort of ancient Roman way.

So argh, very annoying. It's a bit strange, because clothes usually fit me pretty well in the torso, and they didn't fit my friend either. That's the problem with diffusion lines... they're cheaper but they don't fit as well as a ready to wear piece!


CoutureCarrie said...

Isn't Target pure genius??
I am so pscyhed for Botkier, coming next month :)

Btw, I am using one of your amazing sketches in my post today and TAGGING you with the Premio Award - thanks and congrats! See my post today for details, and keep up the awesome work :)

Blonde hair, Blue jeans said...

the last dress is very nice! love the neckline

Blonde hair, Blue jeans said...

the last dress is very nice! love the neckline

CoutureCarrie said...

That dress is so beautiful . . reminds me of a Chanel (I think?) that Rachel Bilson recently wore - looks like you could wear it backwards, too!!

Diabolina said...

boo. sorry they didn't work.

loving the site ;)