July 1, 2008

Mirror, Mirror

Dressing tables have been so essential for me since I was fifteen. Now I have two in my room because my mum had no room for her mirror one.
Perfume is great. It's like owning a designer piece, but so much cheaper. My Miss Dior Cherie perfume was around $100 whereas a RTW dress would render me homeless.

This dressing table is way bigger than my other one so I dump all my ornaments, jewelry, makeup and perfume. I love my blue chair. I think I have a chair fetish.

And the dress!! I bought it last week at a thrift store and cut a big chunk off the skirt, it even looks vaguely Balenciagaesque now because of the freaky shoulders, and that's without the shoulder pads in! More pics of the dress to come soon!


Ida said...

You are so right about perfumes! Never had a designer dress but the perfumes are such a good alternative;)

And that blue chair is chic!

gilda said...

ahh, perfumes. how i love thee. i have so many... but i guess i always go back to my 3 favorite scents. :) the rest just sit there and look pretty. which is kinda annoying sometimes because i paid for a lot for them to look pretty. :)

Allure said...

I love the chair!

Times of Glory said...

Yes, a good dressing table gives you the best foundation of makeup! I love it! And a signature perfume just highlights your personal style even more! You look very feminine in the dress! Small floral print suits your flawless skin! You are very very pretty, dear!

Lydia said...

All girls need a pretty table to display all their pretty things! I was so excited to get a vanity after 10 years of begging for one. I love your blue chair too! So posh.

Jay said...

i love perfume and i love how you call your mom, mum so chic