June 17, 2008

On paper or on a hanger?

My copy of 'Fashion Illustration by Fashion Designers' is hopefully on its way. While I was reading reviews of it on Amazon I had a look through the picture gallery and immediately recognised that white Philip Lim rose dress... wasn't it so popular it was sold out in a number of days and is no longer for sale?... something like that. The other dress wasn't hard to identify either... I probably waste too much time on style.com.

Which form of the dresses do you prefer? I just LOVE the way Lim draws his roses... but then again, you can't wear paper... or can you?

UK Elle 2006... I remember this issue so well, it was the only thing I had to read when I was in Prague because I bought it at the airport, and then I threw it away because it was too heavy. Robert Ryan, who made this paper cut didn't know a thing about the construction of dresses when Vogue asked him to do paper cut. After he cut out his design, the paper was carefully glued onto the netting of the dress.... wow.

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