June 25, 2008

A Princess and Chanel is a Match Made in Heaven

If I could have anyone's life, it would definitely be Charlotte Casiraghi. Firstly, she's a princess (of Monaco). Simply just being a princess would be enough, but theres more. She also has a fabulous jet-set lifesyle and appears to spend most of her time on Monaco's beaches or partying with friends such as Julia Roitfeld in Paris. Thirdly, she and her mother and good friends with Karl Lagerfeld... so take a look at my collage of her various Chanel looks. And yes, she's sitting in the front row *sigh*

The only thing I don't get is how she can possibly look like Bridget Bardot. That's who Karl likened her to. Claudia Schiffer looks like Bridget Bardot, not Charlotte Casiraghi.

More Carlotte Casiraghi collages to come soon! (sources: tfs, google images, charlottemaripomeline.web-log.nl/)


Miss at la Playa said...

I want to live my dream of a life like Mia Thermopolis's too, in Princess Diaries :)

CoutureCarrie said...

Classic! Great photo montage :)

Bostonista said...

CHarlotte is definitely very envy inducing.
Wouldn't it be amazing to be a real princess??

I hope we can swap links!


Times of Glory said...

Yes... that's so true! She's not only a princess but also a very stylish one! I don't see that often... She also has that classic beauty... blessed by Grace Kelly xx

lydia said...

I adore Charlotte Casiraghi! Ever since magazines started featuring her in cute little summer outfits and big sunglasses with some hunky boyf, I've tried to keep my eye on her. She's the closest anyone can get to being the princess of Paris.
I definitely don't see any Bardot in her either though!