June 3, 2008

Watermelon pink

"The thing about a tuxedo is that it is virile and feminine at the same time" - Catherine Deneuve
I finally decided to start my own fashion blog after being intimidated by the likes of fashion verbatim's Adrian and red carpet fashion awards' Fashion Critic. It was a kind of rash move while procrastinating, and if I spend any more time thinking up posts I will very likely fail law school.

So right now I'll just comment on other blogs ( I didn't have a google account before) and will start proper-blogging in mid June!


just jess said...

Looking forward!

S said...

Oh i love SJP. I went with my girlfriends last night to see it.
So many yummy shoes and cloths!


Miss at la Playa said...

welcome to the blog world! :)

S said...

Agreed about not giving the outfits enough time even though the film did roll over more then 2 hours.

Let's link?



i would do anything to have that dress!! so incredibly beautiful xx

Jillian said...

i loved that dress that alek bought for carrie! *sigh* how romantic!